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Plumbing Contractor Services

At El Cajon Plumbing & Heating we offer a full array of services to commercial plumbing contractors in the San Diego area.

  • Palletize, double-check, wrap, store, annotate and deliver all PO materials by floor for any project size.
  • Store, double-check, annotate and direct ship, or deliver to shop and jobsite on all PO materials by date and building.
  • Manage simultaneous notification and communication channels on a daily basis with multiple levels of project coordination among general contractor, sub-contractor, and vendor personnel (i.e. Purchasing, PM’s, accounting, shipping/receiving).
  • Organize time sensitive product arrival deadlines between all vendors, project managers, and billing department.
  • Assist with non-compatible and discontinued plumbing product design correction and compatible product substitution.
  • Facilitate purchase and delivery for misplaced or broken products, as well as subsequent design changes and restock return requests.
  • Maintain majority of original vendor price quotes through multiple versions of complete project bids submitted prior to final rendition.
  • Sign and notarize open purchase order for complete project(s).
  • Sign and notarize initial contract purchase orders with general contractor in triplicate/twice.
  • Accept sub-contractor submitted purchase orders as guarantor for billings to general contractor
  • Credit and Financial Information

    If you would like to arrange for a line of credit, please download, complete and return our Credit Application using the link below.

    If you would prefer to pay via credit card, please download, complete and return the Credit Card Authorization

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What Our Customers Say...

"This is the first place I come to for all my plumbing needs. It's where I feel comfortable sending my customers when they are looking for assistance or guidance to pick out their finish on their bath and kitchen remodels."

-Residential Contractor

"El Cajon Plumbing & Heating Supply is a contractor's best friend when undertaking any size job."

- San Diego Contractor

"They deliver one thing most supply companies cannot: peace of mind that the order will be correct and on time."

- Commercial Contractor

"Their friendly staff took the time to make sure I found exctly what I was looking for when I was remodeling my bathroom."

- San Diego Homeowner

"The staff at El Cajon Plumbing & Heating has been there for many years and know exactly what us contractors need when taking on complicated jobs."

- Commercial Contractor